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A. Ivashkevich Advances in biological dosimetry
A. Kadyrov Ab initio energy-loss calculations for micro- and nanoscale raditation damage simulations
A. Ralston The current status of small field output measurements using diamond and silicon diode detectors
A. Vignati Fast dose analysis of movement effects during treatments with scanned proton and carbon-ion beams
B. Bergmann Measurement of ionizing energy depositions after fast neutron impact in silicon
B. Bertrand Protect, enhance and save more lives with proton therapy
B. Li Nanodosimetric ionisation cluster size distrubution in view of Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle
C. Beltran Clinical implementation of a proton therapy dose verification system based on GPU ac-celerated Monte Carlo calculations
D. Hausermann The Australian Synchrotron Imaging and Medical Beamline: New Facilities for in-vivo imaging and radiotherapy
D. Hinde Applications of a superconducting solenoidal separator in the experimental investigation of nuclear reactions
F. Bisello Clinical characterization of a monolithic silicon technology for dosimetry in external beam radiotherapy and proton therapy
F. Nishikido X-Ray transparent detector for IVR dosimeter using organic photodiodes combined to plastic scintillators
F. Romano Status of ELIMED the medical and multidisciplinary beamlines at ELI-beamline
F. Vanhavere Feasibility of microdosimetry for carbon beams using mini tissue-equivalent proportional counters
H. Akiyama Advanced technology based on scanning irradiation for particle therapy system
I. Kanno Two-dimensional “transXend” detector for energy-resolved computed tomography
J. Begg The Australian MRI-Linac Program: Measuring profiles and PDD in a horizontal beam
J. Flanz Current and future technical challenges in particle therapy
J.Thoelking Patient-specific dose verification for 6MV flattening filter free (FFF) beams based on transmission measurements
K. Clarke Is it necessary to consider optic nerve movement when treating the optic nerve with stere-otactic radiosurgery?
K. Noda Development of heavy-ion radiotherapy facility in Japan
L. Pinsky Medipix in space: Past results and future plans
L. Tran 3D silicon microdosimetry and RBE study using 12C ions of different energies
M. Cai Linearization of film dosimetry system and reference dosimetry for SBRT quality assurance
M. Carrara Breathing induced prostate motion: Development of a patient’s specific model based on Calypso transponders analysis
M. Dasgupta Challenges in describing nuclear reaction outcomes at near-barrier energies
M. Jameson Investigating the relationship between treated gross tumour volume (GTV) and metabolic tumour volume (MTV) for non-small cell lung cancer patients
M. Hoyer Establishment of the Danish Center For Particle Therapy
M. Jackson Enhancing cancer treatments with oncothermia
M. Kramer More Ions for Radiotherapy: About Treatment Planning and Track Simulations
M. Petasecca Development of a silicon diode for skin dosimetry
M. Tehei Multimodal therapy and multidisciplinary approach: The key for better treatments
M. Tongo Characterization of novel solutions for daily QA and patient plan verification in pencil beam proton beams
M. Würl Experimental studies with two novel silicon detectors for the development of time-of-flight spectrometry of laser-accelerated proton beams
N. Hardcastle The LIGHT SABR Clinical Trial: Tumour tracking radiotherapy for superior lung cancer outcomes
N. Matsufuji Microdosimetric approach to RBE modeling and its implementation in treatment planning and ridge filters design
O. Martin Monitoring dna damage response to predict radiotherapy-related normal tissue toxicity
P. Beck A tissue equivalent proportional counter for the assessment of the radiation quality at the International Space Station
P. Keall Innovative technologies in radiation oncology: One city building two new cancer radiotherapy systems
P. Metcalfe Introducing Dynamic Dosimaging: Potential applications to MRI-linac
R. Martin New DNA-binding ligands that act as topical radioprotectors, mimic endogenous rapid chemical repair
R. Schulte Advances in nandosimetric treatment planning for particle beam radiation therapy
R. Schulte Advances in proton imaging for treatment planning, verification, and adaptation in particle beam radiation therapy
S. Arumugam Clinical implementation of SeedTracker for prostate SBRT: Experience and gains so far
S. Guatelli Geant4 for medical physics: Overview and recent developments
S. H. Yoo Simulation study of dose enhancement in a cell due to nearby carbon and oxygen in particle radiotherapy
S. Lacombe Nanoparticles: Exquisite tools to improve radiation therapy
S. McMahon Gold nanoparticles: Macro- and micro-dosimetric considerations and implications for radiosensitisation
S. Pawar Nanotechnology in Medicine-Physicist Perspective
S. Pospisil Use of hybrid Timepix pixel detectors in physics and dosimetry
S. Siva Effect of stereotactic ablation on normal kidney function – Radiobiological modelling of a dose / response relationship
T. Kron Patient specific quality control for SABR: One phantom does not fit all
T. Yamaya OPENPET: A novel open-type PET system for 3D dose verification in particle therapy
V. Feygelman Measurement and calculation of 4D dose
V. Moutrie Out of field dose during Gamma Knife treatment: A paediatric case study
W. Chen Treatment verification with off-line PET imaging in particle therapy and its clinical use at HIT
W. Tome An overview of current and future methods of image guided SBRT
W. Tome Spine SBRT using VMAT
Y. Chen DNA damage induced by low-energy photons simulated with nanodosimetry Monte Carlo code - NASIC
Z. Moutrie Commissioning and clinical implementation of a comerical intrafractional kilovoltage integrated imaging system for stereotactic radiation therapy treatments