Dr Jay Flanz, PhD

Dr Jay Flanz, PhD

After receiving his Ph.D. in nuclear physics, Dr. Flanz went to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. His first project was the design and construction of a Beam Recirculation Facility which was to be used to almost double the 500MeV energy available from that electron linac. At MIT Dr. Flanz was the accelerator physics group leader and became Project physicist responsible for the beam physics design and commissioning of the storage and high duty factor South Hall pulse stretcher ring.

Dr. Flanz joined the Massachusetts General Hospital and Havard in 1993 and became the Project Director and Technical Director of the Burr Proton Therapy Center. His involvement began during the proposal stages for this facility, and participation in the development of the NCI proposal and technical specifications required for the Proton Therapy System. He was responsible for the system integration of the accelerator and clinical systems , and, working with IBA, to ensure that the accelerator systems were appropriate for the medical requirements. He contributed to the optimization of the proton therapy equipment and adaptation to the clinical uses. He played the leading role in the initial commissioning of the entire Proton Therapy system and in subsequent upgrades, including Proton Beam Scanning.

A central focus for Dr. Flanz is the continuing upgrading of the beam delivery modality for optimal patient treatments. He led the effort for the development of the universal nozzle and the implementation, in 2008, of proton beam scanning at MGH including aspects of Quality Assurance methodogy. Dr. Flanz also has interest in education. He created the first United States Particle Accelerator School (USPAS) course on Beam Measurement at MIT. This was the first course where hands on experience was offered in beam tuning and measurement of beam properties. He developed and taught the USPAS course entitled Medical Applications of Accelerators and Beams several times. He was co-chair of the Educational Subcommittee of the Proton Therapy Cooperative Group (PTCOG) for a number of years.

Presently Dr. Flanz is Chair of the PTCOG association.